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Let’s speed up your punches with the latest boxing speed bags presented to you by Starpro. These speed bags are specially designed to withstand prolonged use. The top-quality genuine leather and our specially crafted vegan leather used in these mighty durable punching bags keeps them away from excessive wear and tear. The reinforced stitching along with exceptional quality threads used by our experienced craftsmen makes these speedy boys even tougher.

The lace closing that secures the bag doesn’t interfere with your boxing session as it sits along with the surface of the bag. At the same time, it also helps keep the panels of the bag together increasing its longevity. Using speed punching bags in your boxing training routine is a great way to increase coordination and the speed at which you deliver punches. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your punches quicker with Starpro.

Top-Quality Speed Punching Bags

Speedy punches bring you speedy wins. Starpro has the right way to get you closer to it. Our speed punching bags are crafted carefully from premium quality genuine leather and our signature PU leather that ensures the longevity of these speed bags. Our specially designed hooks keep our speed bags hanging in place. We provide filled and unfilled options to help you store or use it as you please.

Starpro has decades of experience in the design and craft of various boxing and MMA accessories such as speed bags, other punching bags and protective gear making us exceptional in our work. We provide technologically advanced solutions for all your boxing needs. Our reinforced stitching, special thread, and sewing technique keep the panels of the speed bag intact for a lifetime. These qualities make these punching bags stay by your side and help you in winning those big trophies. Explore our collection today and find the bag that fits your needs.