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Shop for the most comfortable head guards having special lining to wipe away moisture. Designed technologically to keep you dry and sweat-free. Boxing head guard having the multilayer technology for the forehead, sides, cheeks, and back; makes it the ultimate choice of fighters. Considered as full coverage boxing and martial arts headgear. Made with 100% top-quality leather. Extra-padded with thick cheek, nose, or chin protectors. Gives you an adjustable fit with a real leather chin strap and steel buckle. Soft inside leather protects against slipping. Softer, durable, and ultra-comfortable material has a high shock-resistant ability. Specially designed side ear for extra protection and secure fit.

Full Face Boxing Headgear

Grab your BJJ headgear only at StarPro. Multi-layer having gel lining inside makes it perfect full-face boxing headgear. A comfortable and unbeatable fitting having impact resistance against slipping. Fully-padded interior in cheek, ear, and forehead areas. Gives ultimate full coverage. Optimal shock absorption around the head, ears, nose, or chin. A convenient option with a sleek design makes it perfectly adjustable MMA headgear. Featuring cheek and ear protection for your extra safety. Special foams absorb high-intensity shocks thus protecting from sudden impact. Ultra lightweight full-face boxing headgear is available in every size. Made for all level professional or trainer fighters.