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High-Quality Boxing Hand Wraps

Delivers optimal wrist support with easy grip. Keep the wrist in place while intense striking. Water-resistant, durable yet comfortable boxing wrist wraps perfectly assist you. Conveniently adjustable wrapping on any area. Unique attractive designs to make a comfortable grip for a prolonged time. Great supportive material, which delivers a perfect amount of protection to hand bones. Ensures a reliable and secure fit. Extra length hand wraps having cotton or nylon material increase their resilience and comfort. The extra long length ensures tight wrapping around the wrist or palm. Offers improved wrist support with boxing wraps and reinforcement to align your wrist while training.

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Shop the perfect blend of durable and breathable boxing hand wraps material. Fresh and comfortable MMA hand wraps. The blended texture of nylon and cotton makes it elastic and thicker for an ultimate grip on your hand. Specially designed hand wraps for boxing for maximum wrist, knuckle, or hand support. Combination of soft material for hands, stretchable for a fit having a perfect thickness. Great for shock absorption. Delivers durable stitching that enhances your stylish looks. Fulfills a fighter's priority of protecting his hands. Trusted by professionals and trainers as well. StarPro delivers the best protective gear by understanding the importance of the safety of boxers' hands.