Martial Arts

Martial Arts combined centuries-old tradition and culture with discipline and stamina. Honor its traditions with high-quality Martial Arts gear by Starpro Combat. Our range of gear is the best of BJJ uniforms and belts, Judo uniforms and belts, and Karate kits and belts. Wear your art proudly with Starpro.

Train like a Champion

Protective gear is the base of martial arts practice: learn with endurance by using our range of belly pads, shing guards, groin guards and head guards to keep your body in top shape during training. Our shock-absorbent, injection-molded foam makes for protective gear that is both dense and light, letting your training flow smoothly. Whether it's BJJ or Muay Thai, it's important to show your rank and your loyalty to your sport. Starpro offers a range of Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and BJJ full kits and belts. Give your Dojo the proper treatment with Starpro’s uniforms.

Coach with Confidence

Our coaching gear will help you bring out the best in your students: try our range of focus pads, made to be extra-durable to withstand constant training and keep your hands protected.