Shop Solid Wrist Support Lace Up Boxing Gloves

Everyone who’s into boxing needs boxing gloves. Not just any boxing gloves, but those which support your wrist and give you a comfortable yet sturdy fit. For this purpose, Starpro has specially designed its lace up boxing gloves to provide you with exactly what you want. Our lace up boxing gloves are a more robust choice from the variety we provide, but they load a secure wrap strap closing and a wide elastic stretched cuff. These qualities ensure that you don’t face any sort of wrist injury during practice with heavier bags, or during any fight. You may notice that training gloves are the ones that you spend the most time with. Fighting gloves are mostly used only once. Thus, you need good quality training gloves.

At Starpro, our designers have carefully crafted these boxing lace up gloves to provide your wrist with support and your knuckles with extra padding to avoid injuries during heavy practice sessions. Starpro designers also know that many tend to sweat a lot during these sessions and wearing a glove that doesn’t allow that sweat to dry up isn’t a good choice. Thus, we’ve loaded our gloves with the moisture-wicking Hydra-Flow mesh palm technology that ensures that your hands remain dry and fresh throughout use. Visit Starpro today and keep yourself safe from any boxing injury with our pro lace up boxing gloves.

Pro Lace Up Boxing Gloves That Fits Your Wrist

A professional pair of lace up boxing gloves are essential when you’re in the pro boxing leagues. You need a pair of reliable lace up boxing gloves either for training or for a fight. Usually, you won’t be using your fight gloves more than once. But your training gloves are the ones that are by your side throughout your boxing journey. To make this journey smooth, Starpro provides you with premium quality boxing equipment. Our team of skilled designers and craftsmen ensures to provide you with quality boxing lace up gloves through years of research and testing. We work on many technologies for the betterment of our products. One of these technologies is the Hydra-Flow technology which removes moisture from the glove and keeps your hands dry and fresh throughout use.

Our professional lace up boxing gloves come with a special wrap strap closing and a wide elastic stretched cuff which keeps your wrists safe from injuries and sprains. Not only this, but at Starpro your safety comes first. This is seen in our pro lace up boxing gloves where we provide extra padding to the knuckles to prevent them from getting injured during heavy training. This paired with the S-Flex technology that dissipates any shock across the surface of the glove keeps your knuckles safe. So, be it the red lace up boxing gloves or the white lace up boxing gloves, at Starpro you’ll always find quality that satisfies your boxing needs.