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Starpro believes in training them young. Our variety of premium quality judo uniforms are the best option for our judo students. Specially crafted by our team of experienced craftsmen and expert designers, we have formulated the best mix of cotton and polyester ensuring optimum comfort. The fabric is designed such that it remains breathable, and lightweight, along with the moisture-wicking qualities that keep you dry and fresh. This lightweight uniform has enough room for you to easily carry out that Mawashi Geri perfectly. Our judo outfits feature premium quality treads and fibers that are stitched using technologically advanced methods of reinforcement that make the panels fix strongly together. These qualities make our uniforms the perfect fit for the young masters in the making giving them a comfortable, reliable, and durable entry into the world of judo. Here you can find everything from judo pants to belts. Just browse through our inventory and find your favorite piece.

Training Judo Outfits - White & Blue

Starpro provides you with lightweight and durable judo and karate uniforms. These uniforms feature carefully designed fabric that is a mix of cotton and polyester giving it its lightweight and breathable properties. The moisture-wicking characteristics of this fabric are something that you need during those extended training sessions to keep you cool. The premium quality material paired with fine construction and attention to detail improves performance. The seams and stitches are reinforced using high-tech stitching practices with premium quality threads. Keeping you and your uniform in the best look. You need space to carry out the moves perfectly in judo, do not worry we have you covered. Our uniforms have enough space for you to move around as you wish during practice sessions. We also craft the finest, durable karate belts and judo belts that are colored to signify your level of expertise. Explore the world of judo with Starpro and find your match.