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Luxury Heavy Bags by StarPro

Make your punches harder and faster with Starpro’s luxury heavy bags. Our decades of experience in crafting and designing the perfect heavy punching bags makes sure that you always step prepared in the ring. Our boxing heavy bags feature genuine leather as well as our famous Cornos leather giving rise to top quality wear and tear resistant and durable boxing heavy bags. Our signature heavy punching bags are crafted using excellent accessories in addition to premium quality materials.  These include heavy-duty metal buckles and chains that keep your punching bag’s structure together for a lifetime.

Superior quality stitching and thread material as well as professional craftsmanship keeps the hanging heavy bags sturdy and intact throughout intense training sessions. Starpro offers these superior quality punching bags in both filled and non-filled options making it easy for you to move them around. These heavy bags provide an excellent way for you to increase the strength of your punches and perfect your technique. So don’t wait any further. Choose Starpro today to make your boxing experience memorable.

Hanging Heavy Bags

You can achieve superior power if you practice with our hanging heavy bags. Starpro excels in the manufacturing of boxing gear and accessories such as speed bags and specialty boxing bags. Our team of skilled craftsmen and experienced designers use the latest technology to provide you with the ultimate boxing experience. Our heavy bags come along with special stitching to support the extra weight. Similarly, they are held up by sturdy buckles, chains, and hooks that will keep them intact year after year.

Our boxing products come with the promise to stay by your side for a lifetime due to our top-quality genuine leather and special vegan leather that reduces excessive wear and tear. Using our boxing heavy bags can greatly improve your technique as it needs added power in your punches while training. The extra push makes you take your skill up a notch. Add StarPro heavy punching bags to your home gym and training sessions to achieve that strength in your punches.