focus pads and focus mitts for the beginners

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Grab your favorite focus mitts at StarPro with dense EVA foam padding for optimal shock protection. Genuine leather gives grip and fitting to the wrist. High-quality wrist strap. Carefully handcrafted with premium construction. Special curves to securely fit with hands. Being lightweight and durable, best focus mitts designs specifically to develop precision and accuracy. Superior stitching with premium construction details. Offers dense padding for fighters' palms. Specifically designed for comfort and a better strike area. Gives versatile options for trainers, boxers, or coaches. A basic need of beginners to coaches due to its versatility. A perfect choice of sparring. Shop the best boxing and sparring focus pads at StarPro.

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These hot selling best focus mitts with hi ultra lightweight leather. Beautifully made with high protective foam. Easy to maintain and incredibly extreme fitness. Fitness further assists with adjustable hooks and loops, allowing ideal fit. Curved fittings offer superior striking areas. Gives you an optimized area to reach your performance goals. Perfect for trainees and trainers. All your striking and punching needs to end here. Maximize your fighting potential with these intense focus mitts for boxing. Handles heavy strikes. One size fits all with better fittings. Keeps your hands refreshed and cooler with its curved and smooth design. A Highly ventilated focus mitts suitable for an extreme workout.