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Shop Premium Fight Protective Gears For Your Training

Shop top-quality fight protective gear at Starpro Combat. We carry a wide range of premium head guards, hand wraps, Knuckle mitts, focus pads, and coaching mitts. Starpro Combat fight protective gears are designed with custom made foam and modeling to spread the force of impact around the equipment (gloves, mitts and guards) to protect & reduce the risk of injury to a fighter. Your trust in our product engineering and reliability will boost your confidence and allow you to compete well.

MMA Protective Equipment to Protect you in Training and Fight

Starpro Combat offers all MMA fight protective equipment including MMA head guard, MMA chest guard, MMA shin guard and MMA groin guard to offer everything you need to start, enjoy and be on top of MMA combat sports. Designed and continually improved after years of research and use in competition, our MMA fight protective gears perform better than double priced MMA protective gears you’ll purchase elsewhere.

Top Boxing Protective Equipment for Your Fight Protection

Boxing protection gears by Starpro Combat ranks among the top performing boxing protection gears in their category. Designed with custom foams and moldings, each of our boxing protective gear is lightweight and tested to withstand & protect you from hundreds of hits. Our Boxing Headguards are designed to offer top protection without compromising fighter visibility. Design of Starpro Combat, groin guard ensures you’ll not lose any movement while fighting with our groin guard protecting your jewels.