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Boxing Groin Protector For Fighters

Safety comes first. StarPro solves all your safety problems. High-quality groin protector, crafted with resilient super soft leather. Ensure protection of your kidney, stomach, and groin areas. A specially designed superior groin guard comes with protective sheets and spongy fabric. Efficient in shock absorption to keep the trainer safe from nasty hits. Hard plastic groin cups with sponge padding highly reduce the shock impacts. Drastically reduces the chance of stray shots, pain, and injury. A smooth surface with a sponge increases its durability. Adjustable straps give a perfect fit to the trainer. Keeps you comfortable without hindering movement. Do not miss this highly productive product by StarPro and grab it now.

Top Quality Groin Protector

StarPro offers a super comfortable, soft spongy boxing groin protector. Gives unmatched durability with all desirable features. Fit for everyone. Microfiber technology is best for long training sessions. Provides you with the best comfort level and reliability. High shock absorption due to its plastic cup and sponge padding material. Protects a boxer from low shots. Comes with an efficient MMA cup guard. Easy hook and loop straps provide the best fittings. Specifically designed boxing groin guard for high mobility. This is an unbreakable layer of defense against high-intensity strokes allowing you to keep safe during training. Get your desired premium quality groin protectors right now.