Boxing Chest Protector For Fighters

The latest innovative chest guards by StarPro give ultimate protection to your upper body. Double padded, high-quality leather has the ability to hold high-impact shocks. Highly shock absorptive boxing chest protector to deal with the bone-shattering impact. Stitched with nylon threads. Foam padding gives further protection and makes it a durable option for trainers. Made with unbreakable premium quality raw material ensures complete shock absorption. Soft but durable material does not hinder movement and promotes comfortable strikes during training. Double-layered boxing chest guards are also available in multiple combinations. Do not forget to check out the StarPro website. Visit the website to stay updated on the latest collection.

Chest Guard For Boxing

StarPro combines traditional and innovative designs with the latest double-padded chest protector. Ultra-high shock absorption technology makes it a top favorite product by StarPro. MMA chest protectors can handle highly powerful kicks. Highly quality super compressed padding with foam makes it a durable and long-lasting sparring chest protector for trainers. This chest guard can stand in any situation. The smooth and shiny exterior finish handles ruthless strikes easily. Perfectly stitched with nylon threads makes it an unmatched product from others. Scientifically designed for maximum protection, fitting, and durability. Does not hinder movement in any position. Do not miss this incredibly convenient and affordable boxing chest pad by StarPro.